2023 – April

Completion of convoluted delivery and assembly of aluminum joinery for the next stations of the 2nd metro line in Warsaw. The total area of the doors and screens delivered so far amounts to over 2 500m2.

2023 - January

Completion of a research and development project, the purpose of which was to develop and implement a new type of folding door, Elastico Warm, with innovative hybrid structural beams and an innovative solution for the retractable mullion.

2022 – February

Assembly completion of a large-size hangar door for International Airport “Katowice” in Pyrzowice. The door consists of four independently steered leaves and its total dimensions are: B x H = 88,5 m x 14,4 m.

2021 - May

Completion of complex delivery of 4200m2 of aluminum windows for the DTK Condos facility in Kitchener, Canada. This 40-story building is the highest one in our company’s portfolio.